Amazon Choice vs Best Seller – What is the difference? How to Earn Badges & More 

What is Amazon Bestseller?

Amazon has been giving great support for sellers to earn badges and make it easy for customers to identify their favorites. This is what Best Seller does, but still there is an ongoing debate about the difference between Amazon Choice vs Best Seller. Customers usually tend to ignore Best Seller but look at Amazon’s Choice when they are at a store looking for products like gadgets or tools which they have never heard of before.

The Amazon Bestseller Rank, or Amazon BSR for short, shows how well your product is selling on Amazon.

The BSR is based on sales rank and always relates to a specific main category of items. The lower the rank, the better the product sells. For example, the product with an Amazon BSR of 1 is the best-selling product in this category. Since the Amazon bestseller rank is based on the sales rank, this also tells you how many products are selling better than your own on Amazon.

Although the Amazon BSR only considers other items from the same product category, it is possible for an item to have two Amazon BSRs.

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For example, a watch may have an Amazon BSR of 57 in the Watches subcategory but have an Amazon Best Seller Rank of 102 in the Luxury Watches subcategory.

The Amazon BSR is updated hourly by Amazon. However, this only applies to the products in the first 100,000 places. Everything about it is only updated once a month. A strong fluctuation in the rank is therefore normal.

Whoever comes first in the Amazon bestseller rank in a specific category receives a so-called bestseller badge.

This has a very beneficial effect on your conversion, as it makes the product more visible or conspicuous in the search results. Potential buyers have thus suggested confirmation from other buyers and the quality of the product. This increases the probability that the purchase will take place after the click.

Benifits of low Amazon BSR

  1. A “good” Amazon BSR is unquestionably beneficial for your product’s conversion, as customers who aren’t sure whether to buy are more inclined to do so when an item has a low Amazon bestseller rank. What is recognized to have a positive impact on conversion also benefits your Amazon listing.
  2. Additionally, the Amazon BSR functions effectively as a tool. If you intend to introduce a new product, seize the chance to assess the quality of the relevant niche. Find out what is in hot demand by checking out the Amazon bestseller list.
  3. The bestseller rank (Amazon BSR) also allows you to determine your own success (although only in terms of sales, which does not mean that this product is more profitable and successful) compared to the competition in a category.

What is Amazon Choice?

On Amazon, users enter a search term in the input, whereupon suitable products are displayed. The search result does not appear in random order but is carefully ranked by the Amazon algorithm.

As already mentioned, there is the bestseller Badge. This identifies the best-selling products for that product type.

There is also the Amazon’s Choice Badge, which represents a kind of purchase recommendation. If the user moves the mouse over the seal, an explanation is displayed. According to this, only products that are rated very well can be delivered immediately and can be bought at an attractive price receive the label.

Especially for products for everyday use, the Amazon Choice label can simplify and accelerate the purchase decision. This can be very pleasant for the user. He doesn’t have to click through the various offers for a long time but quickly recognizes top-rated products at an attractive price. In addition, they can be delivered immediately.

However, there are also many products where the label does not provide good orientation. For example, for items where personal preferences, technical details, or explicit units of measurement play a major role. When buying clothes, furniture, technical products and the like, you should rely on your personal taste.

What requirements must Amazon Choice products meet?

To receive the Amazon Choice label, your product must meet the following criteria:

  • Prime delivery
  • Your product should have at least 4 stars and as many customer reviews as possible
  • Many purchases from customers who searched for a relevant keyword
  • Your product should have a comparatively low return rate
  • It should be reasonably priced compared to similar products

Amazon Choice vs Best Seller

If you compare the two rating seals with each other, you can definitely say that the Amazon Best Seller Badge is easier to achieve because it is much easier to understand than the Choice Badge. In addition, buyers trust the bestseller seal more because they believe that the product must be good, otherwise it will not be bought as often.

Amazon Choice, on the other hand, is linked to keywords. They are also selected through an algorithm-driven process. To put it simply, it is not the product that is evaluated here, but the specific keyword. If several people search for this exact keyword – and your product meets certain criteria – it can happen that it is displayed with the Seal of Choice.

In conclusion, the main difference between Amazon’s Choice and Best Sellers is that Choice is associated with keywords while Best Sellers are associated with departments or categories.


In conclusion, both seals are extremely profitable for your Amazon presence. With Amazon Bestseller, you have more control over the selection process than with Amazon Choice, which is algorithm-driven.

Your product’s bestseller ranking will decline as it is sold more frequently. And as a result, consumers feel more confident about the product and are more likely to buy it.

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