Driving Growth with Integrated SEO and Google Ads

A Success Story for Alton Mobility

In this comprehensive case study, we will explore how Company EZcommerce partnered with Alton Mobility, a leading retailer of electronic wheelchairs and mobility scooters, to achieve remarkable growth through an integrated SEO and Google Ads strategy. By combining the power of organic visibility and targeted advertising, we not only increased brand exposure and website traffic but also significantly improved the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Let’s delve into the details of our campaign and its impact on Alton Mobility’s business.

Client Background:

Alton Mobility is a renowned provider of electronic wheelchairs and mobility scooters, serving individuals with mobility challenges. Despite offering top-quality products, they faced challenges in reaching their target audience and maximizing their advertising investment. Seeking to overcome these obstacles, Alton Mobility engaged Company EZcommerce to develop a holistic digital marketing strategy.


Limited Organic Visibility: Alton Mobility struggled to rank prominently in organic search results for relevant keywords, hampering their ability to attract targeted organic traffic and potential customers.

Ad Performance Optimization: Alton Mobility’s initial Google Ads campaign with a budget of $10 per day had moderate results, but the client aimed to improve the campaign’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and drive higher conversions.

Strategy and Implementation:

Integrated SEO and Google Ads Approach: We devised an integrated digital marketing strategy, combining the power of SEO and Google Ads to maximize results and drive growth. This approach aimed to enhance organic visibility through SEO while complementing it with targeted advertising through Google Ads.

Comprehensive Keyword Research: We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-intent keywords related to electronic wheelchairs and mobility scooters. These keywords were used to optimize both the website’s content for SEO and the Google Ads campaign for targeted advertising.

On-Page Optimization and Landing Page Optimization: We optimized Alton Mobility’s website for relevant keywords, ensuring that the landing pages were highly relevant, engaging, and optimized for conversions. This included improving page load speed, enhancing user experience, and implementing clear and compelling call-to-action (CTA) elements.

Google Ads Campaign Optimization: We thoroughly audited and optimized Alton Mobility’s existing Google Ads campaign. This involved refining keyword targeting, optimizing ad copy and extensions, improving ad relevancy and quality score, and implementing bid adjustments to maximize ROAS.

Budget Scaling and ROAS Improvement: After analyzing the initial campaign performance, we gradually increased the Google Ads budget from $10 per day to $50 per day based on its success and alignment with Alton Mobility’s goals. Continual monitoring, optimization, and A/B testing were conducted to further improve ROAS and overall campaign performance.


Enhanced Organic Visibility: Through targeted SEO efforts, Alton Mobility experienced a significant increase in organic visibility. The optimized website and content began ranking higher in organic search results, resulting in improved brand exposure and attracting organic traffic.

Increased Website Traffic: The combined efforts of SEO and Google Ads led to a substantial increase in website traffic. By capturing both organic and paid traffic, Alton Mobility experienced a surge in highly targeted visitors, resulting in increased opportunities for conversions.

Improved Google Ads Performance: By optimizing the Google Ads campaign and gradually scaling the budget, Alton Mobility witnessed significant improvements in campaign performance. The ROAS increased from the initial 100% to an impressive 850%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the integrated approach.

Enhanced Conversions and Revenue: The improved ROAS and increased website traffic translated into higher conversions and revenue for Alton Mobility. The campaign’s success helped the client generate a substantial return on their advertising investment.

Future Opportunities:

Building on the achieved success, the next steps for Alton Mobility and Company EZcommerce can include further refining the SEO strategy, expanding keyword targeting, implementing advanced tracking and analytics, exploring remarketing campaigns, and leveraging data-driven insights to continually optimize the campaign for even better results.

Through a comprehensive approach integrating SEO and Google Ads, Company EZcommerce successfully helped Alton Mobility overcome their organic visibility challenges and achieve remarkable growth. The combined efforts resulted in enhanced organic visibility, increased website traffic, and significantly improved ROAS. This case study showcases the effectiveness of an integrated digital marketing strategy in driving tangible results and maximizing the return on advertising investment for businesses like Alton Mobility.

Vahid Sediqi

Vahid Sediqi is a digital marketing pro with a focus on Google Ads & SEO. He crafts compelling blog posts and data-driven campaigns that help businesses grow. A lifelong learner, Vahid stays on top of the latest trends and tactics in the industry.

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Vahid Sediqi

Vahid Sediqi is a digital marketing pro with a focus on Google Ads & SEO. He crafts compelling blog posts and data-driven campaigns that help businesses grow. A lifelong learner, Vahid stays on top of the latest trends and tactics in the industry.

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